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Top 10 Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing companies in India: Ayurveda is the historic Indian system of medication. Ayurveda gain worldwide recognition for its natural and holistic technique to fitness. In India, there are various companies dedicated to generating top notch Ayurvedic medicines. These companies produce ayurvedic medicine with safety and sure efficacy. We will discuss in this blog about who us best third [party ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India.

The Role of Ayurveda in Modern Healthcare

Ayurveda, with its holistic approach to health, focuses on balancing the body, mind, and spirit. This ancient system of medicine offers a variety of treatments and practices that can complement modern healthcare. Ayurvedic medicines, made from natural ingredients, are known for their minimal side effects compared to synthetic drugs. Here, we present a list of the top 10 Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing Companies in India 2024.

Top 10 Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Companies in India

List Of ayurvedic medicine manufacturer are follows

1. Nutricore Medicinia: 3rd party ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in Baddi

It is located in Baddi, known as ayurvedic pharma manufacturing in baddi. We are best ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in baddi. Nutricore is GMP certified units for ayurvedic mendicine manufacturers. We deals with various top quality ayurvedic products of syrup, oil, capsule, tablets and powders.

Nutricore provides ayurvedic products manufacturers in India.

Addres: 279/1, First Floor, Salasar Complex, Baddi-173205

Mob: +91-9316854615                                        

Email: [email protected]

Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers in India

2 Physic Herbals: Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers

It is an emerging name in the herbal products industry. Physic herbals is produce high-quality ayurvedic medicines using traditional formulations with modern techniques. Physic Herbals focuses on natural ingredients and sustainable practices to ensure the safety and efficacy of its products. This leads to a promising manufacturers to the list of Ayurvedic companies in India.

Physic herbals have wide range of ayurvedic medcine in ayurvedic capsule, surup and oils. Physic herbals is best third party Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India. They procure raw material through well know vendors. Their manufacturing process also have quality control for the herbal products. It is in Top 3 Ayurvedic company in Baddi

Location: Suraj majra, Baddi

Mob: 7807864913

list of ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India

3. Dabur India Ltd. : one of the best Ayurvedic medication producers in India. Established in 1884. Dabur is known for its commitment to high-quality and innovation, making it a relied on name in Ayurveda. Their famous products consist of Chyawanprash, Dabur Honey, and Dabur Amla Hair Oil. Dabur is best ayurvedic medicine company in India

4. Patanjali Ayurved Ltd.

Founded through Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna, Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. Has hastily grown to turn out to be one of the leading Ayurvedic corporations in India. Patanjali’s consciousness on traditional Ayurvedic formulations and current manufacturing techniques has earned it a sturdy reputation. Some in their popular products consist of Divya Swasari Ras, Patanjali Ghee, and Patanjali Dant Kanti toothpaste.

5. Himalaya Drug

Himalaya Drug Company is brilliant ayurvedic manufacturing company. Established in 1930, Himalaya combines the knowledge of Ayurveda with present day technology to create effective and secure products. Himalya is herbal medicine manufacturers in India.

6. Baidyanath Group

This Group is one of the oldest and most respected Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India. The company’s extensive product line includes health tonics, herbal supplements, and Ayurvedic medicines for various ailments. Popular products from Baidyanath include Chyawanprash Special, Baidyanath Brahmi, and Baidyanath Kesari Kalp.

7. Zandu Pharmaceuticals

Zandu Pharmaceuticals, a part of the Emami Group, is a well-known name in the list of Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India. Zandu has been producing high-quality Ayurvedic products for over a century. Some of their well-known products include Zandu Balm, Zandu Chyawanprash, and Zandu Pancharishta.

8. Charak Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Charak Pharma is a leading manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines, offering a wide range of herbal products. Established in 1947, Charak Pharma is known for its research-driven approach and commitment to quality. The company’s products are formulated using traditional Ayurvedic principles and are GMP certified, ensuring safety and efficacy. Popular products include Charak M2 Tone, Charak Extrammune, and Charak Livomyn.

9. Vicco Laboratories

Vicco is a prominent name in the Ayurvedic industry, known for its popular products like Vicco Vajradanti and Vicco Turmeric. Founded in 1952, Vicco focuses on creating effective Ayurvedic solutions for dental care and skincare. The company’s products are widely trusted and have a strong presence in both domestic and international markets. Vicco’s commitment to quality and natural ingredients has made its products household names.

10. Hamdard Laboratories

Company is a leading manufacturer of Unani and Ayurvedic medicines in India. Established in 1906, Hamdard combines the best of traditional wisdom and modern science to create effective and safe herbal products. The company’s extensive product range includes health supplements, tonics, and medicines for various ailments. Notable products include Hamdard Safi, Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin, and Hamdard Joshina.


Nutricore is GMP certified ayurvedic company and a focus on traditional formulations. Their manufacturing unit provide state of art facility for ayurvedic and herbals products. Physic herbals is best Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India. By choosing products from these reputable companies, consumers can trust that they are using safe and effective Ayurvedic medicines.

Best contract manufacturing companies for ayurvedic medicine:

Ayurvedic medicine has a rich history and continues to play a vital role in modern healthcare. The top 10 Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing
companies in India
, including Nutricore medicinia and other above
companies. herbal products manufacturers like Nutricore Medicinia and Physic
herbals are recognized for their dedication manufacturing services. Nutricore
medicinia is contract manufacturing for herbal medicine whic provides quality,
innovation, and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que: Which is best herbal medicines manufacturing unit in Baddi?

Ans: Nutricor medicinia is best ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India. One of other company like Physic herbals is best herbal medicines manufacturing company in India.

Que: Which company is Ayurvedic syrup manufactures in Baddi?

Ans: Physic herbals along with Nutricore Medicinia are ayurvedic syrup manufacturers in Baddi.

Que: which is best company for ayurvedic pain oil?

Ans: Nutricore medicina is best 3rd party manufacturing company in baddi for ayurvedic pain oil. Nutricore is best ayurvedic pain oil manufacturers in india. It deals in ayurvedic third party manufacturing in syrup, oil and capsule.

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