Syrup for Fever and Cold for Child: COLDTAME-DS


syrup for fever and cold



As parents, we frequently look for the best ways to relieve our children’s discomfort when they have a fever or cold. This blog explore the various Syrup for Fever and Cold for Child available for treating fever and cold in children.


Understanding Children’s Health Needs

The Importance of Choosing the Right Syrup

Child’s health is extremely important for all parents. When it comes to fever and cold, choosing the right syrup can have a big impact. Now, let’s examine the factors that determine if a syrup is suitable for children.


Common Active Ingredients in Child-Friendly Syrups

Gentle and Effective Components

Children often have specific needs when it comes to medication. COLD TAME-DS incorporates key active ingredients to address symptom of cold and flu. Paracetamol (250 mg), phenylephrine (5 mg), and chlorpheniramine (2 mg) are present in syrup for fever and cold. We’ll highlight components that are both gentle and effective in providing relief.


Mechanism of COLD TAME-DS

How It Works to Combat Fever and Cold

Understanding how a syrup works is vital for parents. COLD TAME-DS operates through a synergistic mechanism:

      • Paracetamol (250 mg): Acts as an antipyretic to reduce fever and as an analgesic for pain relief.

      • Phenylephrine (5 mg): A Nasal decongestant that narrows blood vessels to decrease swelling and congestion in the nasal passages.

      • Chlorpheniramine (2 mg): An antihistamine that relieves symptoms like runny nose, and sneezing by blocking the effects of histamine.


    Pediatrician-Recommended Syrups:

    Trusted Choices for Your Child’s Well-being is COLD TAME-DS

    Pediatricians often play a crucial role in recommending reliable solutions for children’s health. COLD TAME-DS recognise as a best syrup for fever and cold in kids. Due to their efficacy and suitable syrup flavour, every children like to take syrup with no hesitation.

    Natural Alternatives: Herbal Syrups

    While synthetic medications are common, some parents prefer natural alternatives. Discover the power of herbal ingredients in providing relief for child’s cold and fever symptoms.

    Choosing the Right Syrup for Different Ages

    The needs of a toddler with a fever and cold may differ from those of an older child. Select the right syrup based on your child’s years of age, ensure optimal effectiveness and safety. COLD TAME-DS have effective ingredients that treat sore throat and watery eyes.

    Over-the-Counter Options: Are They Safe?

    Many over-the-counter syrups are available in market, but are they safe for your child? Explore the balance between convenience and safety when considering OTC options for fever and cold relief.

    COLD TAME-DS stands out as an best over-the-counter option for fever and cold in kids, providing convenience while maintaining safety standards. This balance is crucial when considering syrup options for fever and cold relief.

    Recommended Doses and Administration

    Administering the correct dose of syrup is crucial for its maximum efficacy. pediatricians prescribed the recommended doses of syrup based on child age and weight. Parents should be well-versed in understanding and accurately measuring doses to ensure their child receives maximum benefit.

    Give COLD TAME-DS Syrup at the same time every day to child. It will help it become a regular part of their daily schedule and assist them. If child vomits in between 30 minutes of taking this medicine, give the same dose again.

    However, never repeat the dose if it’s already time for the next dose. Your child may start to feel better within a week of regular dosing. However, you must continue giving the medicine to your child to finish the complete prescribed course.


    What is best syrup for cold and fever for child?

    Best syrup for cold and fever for child is COLDTAME-DS. Nutricore Medicinia’s COLDTAME-DS is double strength of paracetmol (act as fever reducer and pain reliver). COLDTAME-DS is combination of Paracetamol 250 mg + Phenylephrine 5 mg + Chlorpheniramine 2 mg. COLDTAME-DS syrup relives the cold symptomps such as, watery eyes, running nose, sneezing, congestation and bodyache.

    COLD TAME -DS Syrup usually starts to work within a few minutes and the effects can last up to several hours. Take recommednded dose of syrup as precsribed by doctors.

    COLD TAME-DS cold syrup Side effects in children:

    IT is well tolreated syrup by children and does ot have any serious sie effects. If any side effects occur, it will automaticaly subside once the body adopts the syrup. If any serious side effects persist consult your doctors. The most common side effects include-

        • Diarrhea

        • Palpitations

        • Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping)

        • Nausea

        • Dizziness

        • Tachycardia

        • Restlessness

        • Discomfort when urinating

        • Anxiety

        • Fear

        • Headache


      In conclusion, choosing the right syrup for your child’s fever and cold requires careful consideration. COLD TAME-DS manufactured by Nutricore Medicinia emerges as a noteworthy option. Its double strength combination with recognized effectiveness to ensure your child receives the best care possible. choosing the right syrup for your child’s fever and cold is a decision that requires careful consideration.

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